Attention Baseball Parents:

Don't Let Your Son Play Another Game Until You Watch This Video 

How YOUR Son Can Be the Player All the Youth Leagues, High Schools, Colleges and Pro Teams Want

Dear Baseball Parent,

Does your son know what it FEELS like to be one of the best players on his team?

The joy of being picked first when the kids are choosing sides?

The pride of being a leader the other kids look up to?

The flattery of being the player the other parents point to and whisper about?

The confidence of being the coach's "go to" player in a tight game?

And the self-esteem of being recognized and recruited by all the other coaches and teams?

I'm not going to lie…

It is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

One that will stay with him and shape his future in sports, school, business, love…and every other important part of his life.

And for you as his parent…the pride and happiness you'll feel for him is, in a word, priceless.

Now, the obvious question is…

How can your son become this type of player?

Pitching is the Path…and Now There's a "Fast Lane" for Every Young Player, Regardless of Size or Strength

My name is Bill Massey and I've been a youth baseball and softball coach at all levels for the past 40 years.

Many of my players (including three family members) received "full-ride" college scholarships, so I like to think I know a little bit about this game.

And here's what I've learned:

There are, of course, several ways your son can become a highly skilled (and sought-after) baseball player.

But one of the fastest ways is by being able to pitch (it effects 90% of the game).

Yes, this used to take YEARS of training and practice…

And it helped if you were "the big kid" who could throw faster than everyone else.

But not anymore.

I'm going to show you my invention that teaches ANYONE to throw unhittable pitches in a matter of hours -- maybe even a matter of minutes.

Before I show it to you, let me quickly explain…

Why Demand for Pitchers is Skyrocketing in Youth Leagues, High Schools, Colleges and the Pros

In short, coaches don't want pitchers throwing to the same batters more than twice a game.

At the youngest levels, it's more about arm safety.

But at kids get older, it's about analytics.

See, data shows that batters "figure things out" and get more hits if they face the same pitcher more than twice per game.

So, unlike the past when coaches would only play one or two pitchers…

Now they need five or six different pitchers for every game!

Again, we are seeing this at every level of play – from pee-wee to pro.

So, yes, the game has completely changed…

And THAT'S why coaches and managers are practically BEGGING pitchers to join their teams.

And here's the best news of all…

ANYONE can learn to be a standout pitcher because there's WAAAY more to great pitching than strength and speed.

That's Right: Ball MOVEMENT is the Pitcher's Ultimate Advantage...

...and Now Anyone Can Learn it

Here's the hard truth:

A good fastball is not enough.

Sooner or later, the other kids are going to figure out how to hit it.

But most kids rarely ever see, let alone practice, hitting curveballs.

Or knuckleballs...

Or sliders...

Or drops...

Or change ups.

Most younger players have no idea how to hit these types of pitches.

So, if your son knows how to throw them – a VARIETY of pitches with MOVEMENT, he immediately has a HUGE advantage.

Remember Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine?

These guys had fastballs that averaged only 88-90 MPH.

Yet, they're both in the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

And there are plenty of pros playing today with fastballs under 90 mph.


Because you can be a great pitcher without throwing FAST.

As long as you know how to create SPIN and MOVEMENT on your pitches.

And here's how your son can quickly learn how to do it...


The RedBall PMT 

(Pitch Movement Trainer)

The RedBall PMT (Pitch Movement Trainer) is a real baseball that teaches pitchers of ALL AGES how to throw 10+ different, high-movement pitches to keep batters confused, uncomfortable and unbalanced!

Start Driving Batters Crazy! 

And Become Virtually UNHITTABLE!

Simply put the pegs into their numbered holes and the RedBall PMT teaches you exactly how to throw 10+ pitches...

  1. Two-Seam Fastball
  2. Four-Seam Fastball
  3. Curve Ball
  4. Knuckle Ball
  5. Split Finger
  6. Change Up
  7. Slider
  8. Knuckle Curve
  9. Drop
  10. Screw Ball
  11. Your Pitch #1 (Yes, invent your own!)
  12. Your Pitch #2 (Yes, invent your own!)

You simply place the included pegs into the numbered holes and...

The RedBall PMT Automatically Shows You... 

Where to Place Your fingers...

Where to Apply Pressure...

Proper Arm and Wrist Rotation…

Proper (and Safe) Throwing Motion.

What Pros, Teachers and Players are Saying... 

"Amazing teaching aid. I wish it was around when I started pitching."

-- Ron Villone, 14-year MLB and USA Olympic Team Pitcher

"It's almost unfair how fast this works."  

-- Craig B., baseball parent

"Taught my son to throw a curveball in five minutes."  

-- Darrell H., baseball parent

"Amazing training product...visual AND sensory feedback!""  

-- Shannon Thyberg, 18-year instructor, college coach, college pitcher

"There always will be a place for pitchers who can transcend the radar gun with intelligence and skill."

-- Neil Paine, senior writer, FiveThirtyEight (on pro baseball in general, not the RedBall PMT specifically)

"The best part was spending hours with my son, learning to throw pitches together."

-- Darrell H., baseball parent

Safe for All Ages and Abilities 

Before you read any more, I want to assure you, The RedBall PMT is safe for all ages and abilities.

It is the same size and weight as a regular baseball, and we support the modern "Pitch Smart" guidelines from Major League Baseball and USA Baseball.

Also, The RedBall PMT does NOT need to be thrown at maximum speed or distance for learning to take place. Players can "start slow," then increase speed at their own pace.

As I mentioned above, I've been teaching and coaching baseball and softball for 40+ years…

And I designed The RedBall PMT to teach young players the PROPER and SAFE fundamentals and mechanics of pitching.

My own grandkids practice with The RedBall PMT all the time, and I would never let them do it if it wasn't 100% safe.

How is the RedBall PMT Different from Other Pitch Trainers?  

The RedBall PMT teaches 10+ pitches

Other trainers teach only 4-5.

The RedBall PMT is the official size/weight of a baseball

Many others are "toys."

The RedBall PMT teaches proper finger placement

Many others do not.

The RedBall PMT teaches proper pressure placement

Most others do not.

The RedBall PMT teaches proper throwing motion

Most others do not.

The RedBall PMT teaches proper arm/wrist rotation

Most others do not.

The Redball PMT does NOT need to be thrown at top speed

Many others must be.

Invented by a Lifelong Baseball & Softball Coach  

As I mentioned above, my name is Bill Massey, and I invented The RedBall PMT.

But it wasn't something I planned to make or sell.

See, I simply fell in love with this game when I was a kid and I have been a player, umpire and coach ever since.

As a teenager, I had tryouts with the Mets and Yankees, but life ultimately steered me to a successful career in business.

So, my role in this sport has been as a baseball and softball pitching coach for the past 40 years (including at the collegiate level)...

And I just wanted to make it easier for kids to learn how to throw different pitches.

So, I made a few of the rough prototypes you see here...

And after a lot of time, effort, money and improvements, The RedBall PMT was born.

Only after I (and others) saw how well it worked, and how quickly it taught players to throw different pitches – did I start to think this could be a real product.

And I pursued it because I love the game -- and it's also a tribute to a few people, including my father and my wife, because she believed in me.

As I tell everyone who asks: I didn't plan on being an inventor…I just want to help people learn the game.

By the way, I'm now over 70, but I still play competitive softball, and I'm proud to be part of three National Championship teams.

The RedBall PMT: 

Here is Exactly What You Get  

The RedBAll PMT Baseball

The only "real baseball" training device that safely teaches ANY player 10+ pitches.

Finger Position Pegs

10 moveable pegs show you exactly where to place your fingers to learn 10+ pitches. 

Rubber Bands

Optional rubber bands to increase grip/spin when learning.

Written & Video Instructions

Details on where to place pegs/fingers and the correct arm/wrist motions for each pitch.


Bonus Set of Finger Position Pegs!

A bonus bag of 10 finger position pegs for each ball you buy ($10 value per bag!)



Yes, free shipping in contiguous USA ($5 to $15 value!) 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, get your money back if you're not THRILLED. Details below...

Try The RedBall PMT Risk Free!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

After 40 years teaching and coaching baseball and softball, I've seen a lot of pitching programs and devices.

But I've never see anything as fast, effective – and cost effective -- as The RedBall PMT for teaching ANYONE -- at ANY AGE and ANY SIZE -- the safe and proper way to throw 10+ pitches, from fastballs, to curveballs, to knuckle balls and everything in between.

I also know "talk is cheap" so I stand behind my product with an easy-to-understand, no-nonsense,100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Simply stated: The RedBall PMT will INSTANTLY help your son learn to throw pitches that knock even the best batters off their game...

He will throw more strikeouts, cause more ground-outs and fly-outs, become one of the most valuable players on his team…and enjoy all the fun and confidence-boosting benefits that come with it…

And again, it will not take months or weeks…or even days.

The INSTANT your son begins practicing with The RedBall PMT, he will SEE and FEEL the correct finger placement, pressure placement and throwing motions to become virtually UNHITTABLE!

HOWEVER…if you don't think The RedBall PMT delivers on every word I've just said, just send it back to me within 30 days of purchase and I'll issue you a full product refund.

Sound fair? I agree! So simply click the button below to get your RedBall PMTs while we still have some in stock.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the RedBall PMT safe for all ages?
Yes! The RedBall PMT is as safe to throw as a regular baseball, and we support the modern "Pitch Smart" guidelines from Major League Baseball and USA Baseball. 

How is The RedBall PMT different from other pitch trainers I've seen?
The RedBall PMT teaches 10+ pitches instead of only 4-5. The RedBall teaches proper finger placement, pressure and throwing motion instead of only finger placement. And, The RedBall PMT is the official size and weight of a real baseball – it's a true training device, not a toy.

Is the RedBall PMT for right- and left-handed pitchers?
Currently it's only available for right-handed pitchers, but lefties can get on our contact list and we'll let you know when the left-handed version is available. 

Is there a RedBall PMT for softball?
Currently it's baseball only, but softball players can get on our contact list and we'll let you know when the softball version is available.

How many pitches does the RedBall PMT teach?
At least 10 pitches. These include: Two-Seam Fastball, Four-Seam Fastball, Curve Ball, Knuckle Ball, Split Finger, Change Up, Slider, Knuckle Curve, Drop, Screw Ball

Can you develop your own pitches with the RedBall PMT?
Yes! You can place the pegs in any configuration to develop your very own pitches!

Is the RedBall PMT the same size/weight of a "real" baseball?
Yes! It's the official size and weight of a regular baseball so your child can seamlessly transition from practice to play.

Must The RedBall PMT be thrown at maximum speed to work?
No! The RedBall PMT does not need to thrown at maximum speed or distance to be an effective training tool.

Is the RedBall PMT based in the USA?
Yes! We are based in Suffern, NY right here in the USA!

When will my RedBall PMT order arrive?
2-4 days in most cases when shipped to USA addresses. Addresses outside the USA can take longer.

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