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TheRedBall™ PMT Learning how to pitch is as easy as ABC123

TheRedBall™ PMT was designed to make the process of learning to pitch easy and fun. The principles and techniques described are tried and true. These are not the only methods, feel free to experiment. It is suggested while learning to pitch that you work with a personal instructor. That approach may not be practical for everyone. TheRedBall™PMT used as illustrated is designed to accomplish your goals. Although we all strive to throw the ball faster, that alone does not develop the skills needed to be a good pitcher. Most pitches require rotation and movement to keep the batter off balance. Practice a variety of pitches with TheRedBall™ PMT then try to duplicate the same techniques with a regular ball until it has become second nature. Commit to the system and practice, practice and practice again with TheRedBall™ PMT! It works and you will be amazed at the results. Remember your involvement in any sport should be fun. I created this ball to aid you in this journey and also foster your love of the game. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do..... GOOD LUCK! Bill Massey

Bill Massey - Owner and Inventor of The Red Ball™ PMT

Bill is 74 years old and was born in New York City and raised in Northern New Jersey since he was 7 years old. Bill has been playing (still playing competitive softball at 74 years old!), coaching and umpiring baseball and softball for over 60 years. Like most children in the New York City area when Bill was a child, it was a dream to play Major League Baseball. As a teenager, Bill had tryouts with both the Mets and the Yankees. Bill has been giving private windmill softball pitching lessons for over 25 years. After retiring, Bill became involved in both umpiring and coaching softball pitching, including a two year stint as the collegiate pitching coach. To this day, Bill continues to play competitive softball in an over 70 years old league, including being part of three National Championship teams. Pitching and teaching are two great passions for Bill. It is these passions that lead Bill to inventing The Red Ball PMT so that he could share his knowledge with everyone who wants to improve their pitching skills.

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It is advised that any person catching

TheRedBall™ PMT should be wearing protective equipment at all times.

Before throwing TheRedBall™ PMT with PEGS, the PEGS should be inserted completely and tightly.

TheRedBall™ PMT should never be struck with a bat and is not intended to be thrown on concrete surfaces.

TheRedBall™ PMT is only to be used for practice purposes and is not intended to be used in an official game situation.

TheRedBall™ PMT should never be thrown if the rubber caps are not on all of the screws inserted into the ball


TheRedBall™ PMT does not have to be thrown at maximum speed and/or distance to be an effective learning tool.

At times while throwing TheRedBall™ PMT the ball may hit the ground and the rubber cap on the screws could come off. If this happens, just pop the cap back on the top of the screw. As mentioned above, the ball should never be thrown if the rubber caps are not on all of the screws inserted into the ball.

When using the rubber bands; screw the PEGS in half way and then put on the rubber bands and screw in PEGS tightly.